You're feeling it aren't ya? You used to be physically fit in the years B.C. (Before Children), but ever since you've entered the "young mom with kids" years, you've been in survival mode. I hear ya - I've been there, too!! Now you've got your head above water and you're ready to start living again. Maybe you're thinking it's time for a health kick? Great idea...except, why not find something that will last? This is what I like to call a health kick lifestyle. But where do you start? The first thing I suggest is to identify your top three health goals. After identifying my own personal goals, and talking with dozens of other moms in the same stage of life, I pinpointed some of the most popular goals and put together this to help accomplish them. The programs below are designed to jumpstart your goals and get you on your way to a lifestyle you love!
Learning The Lifestyle

About Me

"The Life You Live is the Lesson You Teach"

Heyo! I'm Alison. Four years ago, my husband, Ryan, and I were two years into marriage and we had a three month old son. You know what it's like to have your first child. As soon as you find out you're pregnant, you start driving slower, you attempt to save more money and you dream about everything you will ever want for your child. Then, you realize you better clean up your life so you can be the best mom ever!! I was a former college athlete and Ryan was good at every sport, so we considered ourselves pretty fit. We thought we were doing okay nutritionally, but we decided to amp it up a bit. When we started researching nutrition, our friends thought we were on a "health kick." Turns out, it was really the beginning of a lifestyle change! Throughout the last four years, we have learned SO much about nutrition, and have applied it little by little, until it became the new norm. While on this journey, I have seen so many people start where we were four years ago, go all out, and then soon go back to old habits. My ultimate goal with this website is to teach you how to turn your potential "health kick" into a lifestyle that is sustainable and something your family and children will catch on to because of the benefits they see in you!

  • Wife

    I first laid eyes on my husband when I was 14! I knew he was "the one."

  • Stay-At-Home-Mom

    4.5 year old son, 2 year old daughter

  • Life Enthusiast

    Everyday has the potential to be the best day EVER!

Our Team

As a wife and stay-at-home-mom, I always want those two things to be first on my mind. Being a part of Team Impact has allowed me to balance those things along with a career that I love. I feel I am a better wife and mommy because I am always learning something new, meeting new people, helping friends change their lives with nutrition, and reaching goals. I am an introvert, but have learned to LOVE working with people. This opportunity has truly changed my life. One of my most favorite things about doing this business is the people I get to "work" along side with & the people I get to help live a healthy lifestyle! "Work isn't work unless you'd rather be doing something else." -John Maxwell There's nothing else I'd rather be doing than making an impact! I am blessed to do this from home while I'm first wife & mom. I love it! Team Impact is... •Stay at home mom's •working mom's •dad's •firemen •college students •teachers •coaches •business professionals •hairstylists •nurses •physical therapists •professional athletes ...and so much more! We're a group of people who encourage, uplift, inspire, and support one another. We're committed to living out our best lives and being intentional in adding value to others lives. We know that a life of significance is all about impact and serving others! "Hang around with people who have the same dreams, passions, and desires you have." I'd hang around these guys everyday if I could!! Meet a few of our amazing team members below!
Dan & Kate
Hey theree! We are Dan & Kate and we have 3 adorable, very energetic kids! We’re passionate about health & nutrition & love sharing what we’ve learned with others to help make a difference in people’s lives. Being a part of Team Impact is truly the best! We’ve met so many amazing people and are encouraged and motivated by them on a daily basis. It’s a rewarding & life changing experience!
Tyler & Jessica
Hey! We are Tyler and Jess, we have two young daughters and we love country living in Northern Wisconsin. Tyler is a professional ultramarathon runner, and is excited to have found an organization to help him stay healthy and push his limits as an athlete! Jessica is a physical therapist and an avid runner, and she, too, has seen great results from the USANA products.
I am a wife and mom of twins. I am a Midwest girl who wishes she had a southern accent. Playing country music and dancing around in my kitchen while making up healthy recipes energizes me. I strongly believe USANA helped me have a remarkable pregnancy, healthy babies, and now the energy to keep up with them. I love living out a healthy lifestyle and teaching others.
Amber Knoll
Hey! I’m Amber. I’m a Physical Therapy Assistant, and I was drawn to USANA because I see so many people who are hurting and trying to recover without proper nutrition. These products really helped me recover from my shoulder surgery, so I can’t help but share them with other people! I also love working alongside this amazing team. They’re always encouraging me and making me laugh ;)



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