5 Reasons To Try HIT

Over the past 5 years, I’ve become really passionate about nutrition and finding ways to improve that part of my lifestyle and yours! I do believe healthy eating is the bottom line of health. Right above that, is exercise.

In high school and college, my workouts were formed by my sport’s coaches. As I transitioned into motherhood, I was searching for new ways to stay active. I defaulted to running, but since I had been doing that for the last decade of my life, I was ready for something new. I tried a variety of classes and workout dvd’s, but as a mom and business owner, I wanted the most bang for my buck.

I ended stumbling upon High Intensity Training and after a year of doing them consistently, acquired my certification in it. I fell in love with them because they perfectly align with my health kick lifestyle mission of finding ways to make a healthy lifestyle, sustainable.

5 Reasons To Try High Intensity Training

1 – The workouts are always under 30 minutes.

Because of the intensity level, the workouts don’t need to be terribly long. Some are as short as 4-7 minutes! I was having a hard time loading up the kids, going to the gym, taking a 1 hour class and then heading home. It seemed like our whole morning was gone after that! (Plus half the time I wasn’t thrilled with what was going on in the childcare area, so that alone made me inconsistent). Now that I workout at home, lots of times my kids will jump in and do the workouts with me….or jump on my back during a plank 😉 Mixing exercise and quality time is a win-win!! How easy would it be to fit these workouts into your schedule 3-4x/week?

2 – They work your entire body.

While you can formulate workouts to emphasize one muscle group, most of these workouts involve your entire body. There are days when my hamstrings, quads, abs and triceps are all burning by the time I’m finished!

3 – You burn calories WAY longer than you workout.

“The biggest concept to wrap your head around when it comes to the benefits of high-intensity training is something called excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). After doing a HIT workout, the body continues to need oxygen at a higher rate than before exercise began. This occurs so the body can get back to its typical resting metabolic weight. Repaying the oxygen debt caused by training requires additional energy expenditure. What this means, in a nutshell, is that you will continue to utilize energy (in the form of burning calories) well after your exercise session is over.  The greater the intensity of the workout, the greater the EPOC and, therefore, the greater energy expenditure (calories burned) both during and after the workout. This afterburn can last for 36 HOURS postworkout, so don’t underestimate just how powerful it is!” – High Intensity 300, By Dan Trink.

4 – They’re great for weight loss AND muscle toning at the same time.

When performing exercises back to back with little to no rest between movements, prepare for your heart rate to go up and your pants size to go down! Also, intense metabolic or cardiorespiratory training can be just as taxing on your body and lungs as a few reps of lifting heavy weights. Since I don’t have my own weight room, I choose the option A.

5 – They help develop mental toughness. 

HIT workouts are all about pushing yourself and beating your own personal records. Lots of times the workouts are based on time, not reps. So, you don’t just check the reps off the list, you go as hard as you can for the allotted time. Trust me, when your body is taxed and you have 20 seconds left…that’s a lot of time! If they do have a specific number of reps, it takes mental toughness to force yourself to do them as hard as you can. Either way, you gotta be tough to reap the plethora of benefits.

Ready to try some? Here’s a small smattering of different workouts that can give you an idea of whether you like them or not. If you’re not sure on how to do the exercises, it’s okay! Someday I’ll have a little index for you to look them all up, but for now, youtube will have to do.

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Get ready to feel the burn! Let me know how you like them!

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