Is There A Conflict Of Interest?

After I started really working my USANA business consistently, I began to wonder if there was a conflict of interest between USANA and my faith.  I was being encouraged to meet new people and share USANA with them, but I knew it was even more important for me to share the gospel. After much thought and prayer, I was pleasantly surprised when I came to the conclusion that, NO, it is absolutely not a conflict of interest.  In fact…they go hand in hand!

A few years ago, I would go to church, the Dr.’s office, library, grocery store, park, etc, and not speak to a single person. I would walk in, get what I came for, and leave (unless I saw a close friend or someone initiated conversation with me).  It sounds cold, but I was an introvert, so it didn’t cross my mind to strike up a conversation with someone I didn’t know. Ryan was rocking the USANA business at the time and I was taking the products, but I definitely didn’t see myself joining him in that.

Then he brought me to a business training event where they said that people skills are just that – a “skill.” If you’re not a natural extrovert, it’s okay, you just need to practice your people skills. I was really inspired by that!  It was that night that I made a conscious effort to develop my people skills. That was about two years ago, and the transformation has been amazing! Now, I am striking up conversations wherever I go, meeting new people, making friends and hearing their unique and incredible stories.  Recently, I told my BFF’s about a new family I introduced myself to, and they all responded with, “Wow, Alison! You never used to do that…”

When you start talking with people about their family, occupation, what they like to do for fun and their health, things have a tendency to dive past a superficial level pretty quickly.  Throughout these conversations, I am able to encourage them not only in their physical health, but their spiritual health as well.  Because of my newly developed people skills, I have more friends to invite to the next USANA event, but more importantly, I have more to invite to church and more people to pray for!

There have been so many people that God has divinely placed in my life at the perfect time. An old friend struggling with infertility, a newly-diagnosed Diabetic, a new Christian in a new town, moms struggling with postpartum depression, a newly-divorced yoga teacher – the list goes on.  All of them needed someone to walk alongside them and encourage them, and I got to be the one!  What an honor and a joy it is for me to be used by God at these divine appointments I otherwise could’ve missed.  Yes, I might’ve sought these women out initially because they were young moms who might be interested in adding some extra nutrition to their lives, but whether or not they ever tried the products, the blessings were abundant for both of us.

To top it all off, at the most recent USANA training I attended, the “bonus session” was worship music followed by the gospel message.  To be able to see how God is using others in this same company to make an impact for His kingdom is incredibly inspiring and solidifies that I am right where He wants me.

That’s my story, but these same opportunities can go for any network marketing company.  No matter what your product is, if you take the time to get to know the potential customer, you will find ways to weave your faith into every meeting, party, and event.

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