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This 28-Day Learning the Lifestyle program will get you on your way to a healthier YOU!  You’ll feel better than you have in years, starting at the cellular level. Warning: This is NOT a diet!

This program is designed to give you the tools you need to develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

You can expect results such as…

  • Increased energy due to optimal nutrition
  • Reduced sugar and carb cravings as a result of not eating processed foods
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Feeling less bloated after adequately nourishing your bodyScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.27.07 AM
  • Healthier skin due to detoxification and proper nutrition
  • Improved digestion
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increased motivation and focus by keeping your blood sugars regulated
  • Positive self-image as a result of new-found confidence
  • Reduced sickness through giving your immune system the proper amount of nutrients
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Weight loss as a ‘side-effect’ of a low-glycemic diet

So far so good!  So how does it work?

I’m so glad you asked!  

My team and I have been brainstorming about this program for months. We put together a 28-Day program to really set you up for success in maintaining this healthy lifestyle AFTER the program is over.

Phase 1: Days 1-7

You’ll drink 2 smoothies, eat 2 snack bars, take AM & PM vitamins and eat one low glycemic meal per day. In addition to that, you’ll receive

  • High Intensity Interval Training workouts from a certified trainer
  • A meal plan and grocery list to take all the stress out of making the low-glycemic meals
  • Daily motivation and encouragement
  • A Pantry Purging Guide
  • Training on the glycemic index and why understanding this will change the way you look at food.

Phase 2: Days 8-28

You’ll drink 1 smoothie, eat two snacks, take AM & PM vitamins and eat two low glycemic meals per day. During this phase, you’ll also take your knowledge of nutrition to the next level! Our very own nutrition advisor will take you through topics such as

  • How to eat for your blood type
  • How to incorporate superfoods into your diet
  • Navigating the grocery store
  • Healthy food substitutions your whole family will love


Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.34.30 PM


In addition to life-changing results, throughout the program, you will also receive…

  • Identifying Your Goals” fun sheet.  This will allow you to write down your goals, figure out WHY you are feeling the need for a change, and serve as encouragement for you throughout the program. You’ll send this to me so I can get to know you better and help you personally along the way.
  • “Tips for Success”  You’ll get a big box in the mail with all of the product you need. Ready, GO! That might be a little overwhelming…  Not to worry, I will be sending an email beforehand to get you set up just perfectly so you’re not confused, overwhelmed, or wondering if you should re-gift it to your mother-in-law
  • “Glycemic Index Cheat Sheet.” I don’t expect you to have it memorized after one webinar, so I’ll give you a cheat sheet that I made to hang on my fridge a few years back.  It’s really helped me when I’m making my grocery list and figuring out what my kids should eat for a snack.
  • “Private Facebook Page.” You may have chosen to do this program at a time that worked best for you, but you’re not alone!  This Facebook page will be exclusively for participants in this program.  It will be a place for you to ask questions, share your goals, connect with like-minded individuals, celebrate your success, and benefit from accountability.
  • “Pinterest Suggestions” Recipes & Inspiration –  EVERYTHING on my Pinterest boards are recipes I’ve tried (and enjoyed) – most of which I make pretty often and inspiration I rely on consistently.  It’s all yours!
  • “15 Minute Encouragement Call” – If you’re struggling or confused, I would be more than happy to call you up and help you figure things out!


 See what others are saying about it!

“The program has gone by SO fast, but I feel like I have learned so much!! I wish it was longer…. =) This has been the perfect kickstart for me and something that I am actually capable to continue forever.” – Megan B. “


“Feeling better everyday!! just figuring out a balance, but definitely enjoying it! I’ve lost 11lbs and my skin is looking so much better! I’ve also found foods that I probably wouldn’t even try and really liked them!!” – Megan M.


“In January, I made a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape and focus on becoming a healthier version of myself. Since then, I’ve been working with a personal trainer as well as going through various meal plans & the Learning the Lifestyle program. I have lost 13 pounds, and have gotten down to a single digit pant size. Here’s to continuing the journey! 🙌🏻💪🏼😀😎” – Lindsay C.


“I loved the meal ideas and grocery list. It was so helpful to have that readily available so I could meal plan over the weekend and eat healthy all week.” Jamie N. ” “I’m used to running 3x/week. I didn’t see tons of body changes. With your workouts, I have seen big change! I’m slightly sore and I love the total body workouts. Thank you for putting them together! I’m still using them!” – Stefanie M. 


 Now ask yourself,

“Is it time to Learn The Lifestyle?”

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.34.30 PM

Registration closes December April 21.  Space is limited!

Program starts May 1.

Questions? Click here to check out the FAQ Page.

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